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Bucket List Book

Bucket List Book

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it is just about time for Old Man Winter to show up. It is always the case, when you plan some big event, the Harbinger of Bad News (aka, the Weather Man) shows up and makes comments such as, “Several Inches of Snow.”

That being the case for this coming weekend, December 5th, when the Cleveland Photographic Society and author David Busch will be all over Northeastern Ohio doing book signings of David Busch’s Digital Photography Bucket List: 100 Great Digital Photos You Must Take Before You Die, featuring the work of CPS Photographers. Of course, this is when you want sunny and 50 so that lots of people will show up. The book signings will take place at:

10 – 11:30 am: Borders – Strongsville – Rte. 2 across from South Park Mall

Noon to 1:30 pm: Barnes & Noble – Fairlwan / Montrose – Route 18 near I-71
There will be an attempt to create a NEW Guinness Book of Records – Record for the most authors of one book to have a book signing at one location

3 – 4:30 pm – Barnes & Noble – Eton Collection, Woodmere Village

5 – 6 pm – Mac’s Backs Paperbacks – Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights