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On Scott Kelby’s Daily Blog, he always has a guest blogger on Wednesdays. Today, it was Matt Lange who is the head of an advertising and Marketing Company. He was speaking about his spark and vision and what made him go. In doing so he refered to a great 1 hour talk given by Chase Jarvis, another photographer, that spoke to Creativity in his lecture on the “Consequences of Creativity.”

Between Matt Lange and Chase Jarvis it makes you think of what could be and how to do what you love, which would enable you to have the freedom to be creative. We all, to often are not in a place, or think that we are not in that place, to take the risk to see what might be. Sometimes we are not willing to take the risk because the unknown is just too much to think about. I think that sometimes we do not know how to let someone help us because we are afraid of where it might lead.

I think that we sell ourselves short when we play it to safe. We stay within the rules and boundaries we have set upon ourselves and that is a tough place to break free from without some guidance and encouragement by the right people. Don’t be so afraid, the risk for most is minimal in most cases. Pick up the camera and go take the shots that you keep telling yourself that you really want to take.