Here we are over the vast Pacific Ocean about halfway to Hawaii and the sea looks calm and the clouds are puffy. I was looking at the day so far and realized that we got up at 3am EDT and would be arriving in Honolulu the equivalent of 8pm EDT or seventeen (17) hours later. It is baffling that it is just 2pm Honolulu here — six hours earlier than Cleveland.

We got Lei'ed in Hawaii

We arrived on time, checked in had an early dinner and went to sleep, exhausted.

Room With a View

Almost fourteen hours later, it was morning and time for breakfast. We have a wonderful room on the top floor of the Hale Koa Hotel (means House of Warriors). The sun is everywhere and the day is really nice. The weather report looks the same each day, 72 at night and 82 during the day. Only a day late, but…