Well here it is Saturday night and we are packing to leave for the “Big Island” of Hawaii in the morning. We have had a great time being tourists and meeting lots of new people.


Jilly & Jackie


We had a great photo shoot with the “Eyes of Hawaii” photo club. Mary Kay and I would like to personally thank Darcy Fiero and her whole family for showing us such great Aloha time and especially to Jackie and Jilly, Darcy’s beautiful daughters, for patiently working with us as models on our Environmental Portraiture shoot at the beach park.

Fish Around the Man-made reef

The Atlantis XIV Submarine

Hawaiian Stingray and other Fish

Mary Kay and I went on an interesting ride in an actual submarine that carries 64 passengers. The sub is certified to 800ft below the surface, but the Coast Guard will only allow passengers to a depth of 150ft. On our dive we went to 102 feet below the surface and the visibility varied from 40 to 60 feet depend
ing on the depth. Lots of little fish and even a Stingray.

That Famous Hawaiian Sunset

Friday Night Fireworks

Honolulu By Night

Last night, the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel had fireworks–just another opportunity to practice some night photography. Each Friday night they do these fireworks so the beach is lined with people anxiously waiting the first blast.

Today, we went to the west shore of Oahu, which has changed some, but it seemed more rundown than I remember. I guess I feel that way about much of the island. With the tourist industry doing so poorly, it is easy to see why. We were told that the sugar cane and pineapple industries are going to the Far East because of cheap labor, resulting in a high unemployment rate here as well.