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Well, it’s almost over. Tomorrow we head back down the mountain and back on the airplane. Hawaii is so different from Oahu, it is so large an island that it is hard to see the expanse until you drive down the south side towards the sea. The change in altitude and vegetation are so drastic that you just are amazed that you’re on the same island.

We spent yesterday doing all things Volcano. We went to the Visitor’s Center, we saw steam vents almost everywhere we went, and we saw many old lava flows where they crossed the road and the road had to be cut back through the flow. We went down to the sea and saw where the lava goes into the sea, so the island is growing a few hundred acres per year, and we saw where the sea splashes against exposed lava tubes. We actually walked through an old lava tube. Finally, last evening we went to the only spot that available to see the Kilauea Volcano and took some shots of the cloud and its glow. The glow is coming from some 600ft down, where the lava is really moving. I thought it odd that I could not get a focus at 300mm but no problems at 270mm.