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It has been almost three weeks since my last post. It has been a very busy three weeks at that. We have recovered from the 20+ hour trip to return from Hawaii. 777 

The aircraft broke before we even left the gate in Honolulu, so we had about a two and a half hour delay to leave. We flew all night only to find that the airport in Chicago was temporarily closed due to thunderstorms. Another 45 minutes to the travel time. Then about 3 hours, two terminals, and three gates later to depart Chicago. Thank goodness for our son Alex being there to help us get baggage and get home completely exhausted. 

The first week home was hectic as CPS had its “Social Event of the Year,” our annual Banquet. We had about a third of the members in attendance and the ability to see all those wonderful photographers receive their hard earned awards is very gratifying. The Hilton Hotel in Beachwood, Ohio did a great job of showing us a good time and providing a fabulous Prime Rib Buffet. 

After a week of hard work around the house including excessive power washing of the whole outside of the home and all concrete surfaces, we were ready for a great Memorial Day weekend.  

"The Glow" at the Chrigrin Falls Balloon Fest

Actually the weekend started on Thursday, May 27th with the Chrigrin Falls Balloon Fest. There was a big CPS turnout to see the “Balloon Glow.” The event coordinators were very obliging in allowing us as much access to the Balloons, there operators and the overall event grounds. 

Now with the long weekend behind us it is time to start another CPS year. This Friday, Tom Sampliner is giving a lecture on “How to Photograph Wildflowers,” and what equipment is necessary.