It has been awhile since I have posted, but it has been so busy at CPS since we returned that I feel overwhelmed trying to process photo, go to the great field trips, the Friday evenings meetings.

We had a great time viewing the Tall Ships as they came to Cleveland and all of the wonderful people we met that were on the ships and those that worked and volunteered to help the Rotary Club of Cleveland sponsor this event.

There were 50 or so of us that went out on the ship the “Holiday” and took amazing shots of the ships as they lined up out on Lake Erie and then entered the Cleveland Harbor. What a sight!

This week we had a wonderful pictorial projection competition. the results of that competition can be found at:

We still have a week left in July with August filling up fast. The better part of the month is filled with field trips and other activities.

OH! thought you might want to see what 3 generations of Coletta’s look like. This is my son, Mark on the Right and my grandson, Eric on the left. We took this at his graduation party on June 19th in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area.

Three Generations of Coletta

Three Generations of Coletta