Here we are in Harbor Springs, Michigan, after two great days of sailing with my friend Bill Davy. On Tuesday ,we left Traverse City, MI, and sailed to Charlevoix, MI. Had a great day–the winds were very strong and, at one point, we had over 39kts. We had to turn the boat into the wind and take down a bunch of sail. Exciting, but not dangerous. The day was interesting to see all of the different conditions and how to deal with them.

We spent the evening in Charlevoix, which was different because in that you go up the river and under the draw bridge. Docking the boat at the marina is always tricky  because  you’re playing with the wind and making sure your not running into the dock. The marina is very nice with fountains that were lit at night and set to music.  The nest morning, a young boy was running through them and screaming as the cold water hit him.

Today’s sail was less eventful but nice none the less, warm weather, sunny skies and 10-12kts of wind. I find it fascinating to watch Bill as he goes through the day with the boat, he knows his skill well and just makes everything seem old hat. Very relaxed and never shaken. He is very much at home with the autopilot on the boat. “It ‘s so easy that even a company president could do it!” as Bill says.

We are to have rain tonight and tomorrow, but as long as there is no lightning, we will sail anyway. Friday looks like we will be stuck in port with high winds and bad weather, but we will get home on Saturday then.</Span>