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Ruby's in Huntington BeachWell, finally after almost three weeks, a day off. My Dad has been making some amazing progress. When I got here he could hardly do one stair at a time and now he is able to take them one foot on each stair.

We have gotten a lot accomplished in the house as well. We have had a contractor selected to get all of the modifications done and other repairs made that need attention. Hopefully, that work will start this week.



Beach VollyballI had a chance on Saturday to get a few photos downtown in Huntington Beach and out on the pier. There was so much going on that it took a bit to sort out. There was a huge walk for the cure of Alzheimer’s Disease, a large Sand Volleyball Tournament and a Surfing Competition all going on at the same time.




Ageless SurferThe Surfing Competition was on the sunny side of the pier so it was not conducive to photography, however the surfers on the other side of the pier were wonderful and additionally the Volleyball Tournament was also great to shoot.