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When you start your photography for the year, where will you start? How many projects have you identified? Which one will be first? These are some of the questions that should be answered as we move forward to help us meet those goals.

So…with those thoughts in mind, let’s just say that we would like to do some studio work this winter and get some high fashion shots for your portfolio. Great, now we can think about all the things we need to get those shots. A studio, lighting, models, clothing, make-up artist, etc.

We can also ask the questions about how we want to pose the models and what the expected outcome will be from the shoot. Are we going to do this alone or are you going to have an assistant? Maybe a friend that wants to learn lighting and posing will help for free and all we need to do is to allow them to take some shots and give them some encouragement. Otherwise, have you considered the cost that you might incur?

Well, whatever the project and whatever the challenges that come before you, here’s to a great year with great projects.