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Here we are so many months later that I almost forgot what the last post was all about! Oh, yes! We were just about to take our late-August and early-September vacation to Washington, Alaska and British Columbia. I suppose I should give you an update and tell you a few of the things that have been happening.

To start with, we did do our vacation and have not been real good about publishing very many of our photos. Seattle is just a wonderful place to visit and would be a great place to live as well. The city has a young feel about it, as does Vancouver. Everyone is on the move and the amount of outdoor activities goes from the sea to the mountains.

Seattle Skyline from Seacrest Park

Lots of great weather with less “gray days” than we have in Cleveland and, typically, the temperatures are more moderate Cleveland’s, even though it’s farther north.

We had the opportunity to see so much because our friend Sam, an avid photographer and a retired firefighter, chauffeured us around to see many places other than the usual tourist spots. After a wonderful week with Sam in Seattle, it was off to Alaska.

Fin Art- Magnuson ParkSeattle from Kerry ParkGas Works ParkMt. Shasta

We landed in Anchorage and, after a few-hours’ wait for the bus, we were off to the wilderness. You know you’re on your own when the bus driver points out the new (very small) hospital and says, “From here to your hotel is 93 miles, and there are no services, or anything else for that matter, in between.”

We were lucky to stop by a lake to take shots of Mt. McKinley (Denali) from about 130 miles away.  It’s the tallest peak in all 50 states, which is visible so few days a year that only about 10% of all Alaska visitors ever see the mountain.

Mt. McKinley, Mt. Hunter and Mt. Foraker

The three days that we spent in and around the Denali National Park area was a photographers paradise with everything from fall foliage, mountains, rivers, streams to lots of wildlife in their natural environment.

Mary Kay on train to DenaliGrizzly Bear in Denali Nat ParkMale Moose in Denali Nat Park

On the fourth day, we went to the port in Whittier, Alaska, where we boarded the Sapphire Princess.

Sapphire Princess

This was a 7-day southbound cruise that would take us to Vancouver, BC. In between, we went to the Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay National Park, Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan, Alaska. The number of glaciers that you see is hard to count because there are so many. We visited three up close and personal: two by ship and one by land.

Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bayi Nat ParkThe Hubbard Glacier




Our finial stop was Vancouver, BC, where we spent three days. We were able to visit quite a few places through assistance from the web and our GPS.

Some of the views were great, when not surrounded by clouds. This is a city, a lot like Seattle that is young-feeling and where everyone is outside doing every imaginable outdoor activity on every wheeled device imaginable: bicycles to inline skates.