It’s now the end of May and we are just south of Albany. The sailboat has been at the Shady Harbor Marina for about ten days. Bill and I flew home on the 23rd of May because Bill’s Mother-in-Law was to pass at any time. Bill arrived back at the boat today and I will join him in the morning. We are about a day away from the Erie Canal and should enter the Canal on Sunday or Monday.

The Erie Canal is 166 miles long from Albany to Buffalo. We hope to go between 30 and 40 miles per day, but a lot depends on how how many of the 38 locks we are able to get through without much delay.

Here are a couple of shots of us sailing on the Hudson with the Spinnaker sail.

_DSC6785 _DSC6783 _DSC6786

Below are a few shots of the process of taking the Mast out of the boat and rigging it for the trip through the Erie Canal.

Port Rigging Staysail RopesJib Ropes Boom Attachment Bolt Preparing the Mast Full Mast RemovalForward Mast Support More Mast Prep Aft Mast positioning